Are you a Business?

What is Club and Why is it here?

Canvs Club does exactly what you would expect a creative bunch of people to do. Build great stuff.

Companies come to Canvs to leverage the creative strength of the community for their purposes, we bring it to them via small and smart teams, working with them via collaboration and super smart task management. These teams are built from the community, after vetting and stress testing. So you can call the Club your cloud design hand, and one heck of a help it is!

We built the Club so the Industry could directly benefit from the Community of Designers, find fast work and beat the latency between Briefing and Delivery. We built the Club to benefit the community by bringing to them fantastic projects and helping them collaborate on them.

Canvs Club is your Occam’s Razor to the question, “How does a Design community benefit me?”
Have a task? Let us know.

Stuff we work on